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  • Customers like
    • It when was working 6
    • Softness and warmth 4
    • Warmth 3
  • Customers don't like
    • When it breaks 5
    • Bad product 4
    • Both controllers quitting after only a few weeks 3
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I got one of their heated blankets for Christmas and it stopped working out of nowhere after two weeks. I tried everything, this is so frustrating, it cost like $60. I tried unplugging it, switching outlets, switching it on and off, leaving it unplugged for prolonged amounts of time, ect. Nothing. (I don't know why i have to write 100 words, i got what i needed to say done in the first sentence. What is this a *** essay contest? I don't know... Read more

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I bought two Biddeford electric blankets. One broke after 3 hours, the other after 4 days.

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First blanket lasted 2 days..tjpught it was defecrive took it back got a replacement...2nd blanket less than 2 weeks old...caught on fire yes fire!!! DO NOT BUY THESE CHEAP MADE IN CHINA POS BLANKETS 65 bucks for a crappy blanket that coukd have burnt my house down!! Bad priduct bad company..not the first time this has happened with this company...after researching its happened many times..and they are still selling defective cheaply made... Read more

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My blanket lasted a few months before it randomly stopped working. What I'm really upset with is their nonexistent customer service! They claime the blanket is under a 5 year warranty but you can't get ahold of anyone! I have called multiple times, left messages that went unreturned, and their email bounces back. Absolutely unacceptable. Never buying this brand again.

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One control panel did not work right out of the box. Customer service is not reachable. You cannot leave a message either. Do not buy Biddeford products!!!!

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Got a heating blanket for Christmas I've only plugged it in once for a meer 10 minutes at most. I went to plus it in this afternoon and it's now blinking continuously when I turn it on causing it to not heat. I'm very unhappy with the quality of this product. im honestly just shocked that Walmart is actually selling such a low quality item, there aren't just. A few bad reviews about their blankets working for a VERY short period...THERE ARE A... Read more

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Had it for 2 months dam thing quit working.. Lot of money to spend on something that does not work .. Highly pissed off.. Gonna tell all my friends what sorry blankets u have

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Just bought a king size heated blanket last week and have gone through 5 controllers. The last one lost power after 5 minutes. I have used every controller in the house, i have tried different outlets and even a surge protector.

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I asked for a heated blanket for christmas and got a Biddeford one and couldnt be more pissed. When we opened it there were no cords with it. About a month later now and the electrical cords just arrived and one of them didnt work and the other isnt making it very warm

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I just got my mattress pad as a Christmas gift and it was brand new. I only used it twice and it's January 7th and the controller will not work.

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